African Grand Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 R50 Free Money

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African Grand Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 : R50 Free Money

I am glad to see that there are not many red flags or major complaints from the community. However, it is worth noting this casino doesn’t have a valid license and some people consider their terms unfair. If you’re South African make sure to pay close attention as well because they don’t offer any active bonuses for Africans!

African Grand Casino Casino Review

African Grand Casino is a place for you to have fun while also making money. With high turnover rates on their games, bonuses and rewards galore, as well as the option of using bitcoin deposits; African Grand makes gambling exciting!

Registering to play at African Grand Casino is as simple as clicking a few buttons. There’s nothing else you need for registration, and the process of signing up takes only about one minute! For just an email address, name & last name date of birth, nickname and phone number – that’s it! Once registered on this casino there are many incredible features included such as customer support available 24/7 365 days out year- which is always nice to have when gambling online with real money because sometimes people make mistakes or forget something important like their password for example.

African Grand Casino focuses exclusively on South Africans who want access to real money gaming in Rands so keep in mind they don’t offer any other currencies besides Rand if registering from outside

African Grand Casino Casino VIP

African Grand Casino has a VIP status available for gamblers, this one is acquired after spending a determined period of time playing and wagering on the casino. This status gives all of those who have it, the opportunity to withdraw higher amounts of money in one single request. African Grand also offers an affiliate program so you can start promoting them and make commission off their success!

Bonuses Promotions

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One of the most innovative and exciting promotions you can find is this one: if you happen to choose EFT as your deposit option then, on top of a 100% cash back guarantee for any losses, there are different bonuses every day. So even when it’s not payday at work or school yet! The maximum amount requested is R100 per bonus so that should make everyone happy with whatever they get out of their daily rewards. Clearly worth trying at least once – who knows what prizes we could win?

One promotion from this casino has really stood out in terms of innovation and excitement: using an eft payment method results in not just 100% money back guarantees but also getting unique bonuses everyday without having to wait until paydays (or semester


African Grand has three different methods available for depositing into the casino accounts. These are: electronic funds transfer (EFT), all major Credit and debit cards, and Bitcoin; worth noticing is the fact that if you choose electronic fund deposit then gamblers have a special money back guarantee on their losses as part of a promotion. At present, once they wish to claim winnings from the casino or withdraw any amount of cash in hand- African Grand offers prompt service with no delays whatsoever!

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Users after requesting their first withdrawal will have to answer a phone call plus send in identification documents for verification of identity. The phone call is only necessary on the user’s initial request, not every time they make one or more requests thereafter. Payouts are processed twice per week and every member has 14 days from when he requested his account be closed due to non-verification before it becomes inaccessible forever with no chance of claiming earnings accrued while playing there during that period as well as any winnings made up until this point either through bank transfer or gift card purchase directly at casino dealership locations nationwide!

Users who do not verify their identities within two weeks upon receiving notification (usually via email) can’t access an account again—thereby forfeiting all


African Grand casino has a lot of games available. The categories are Video Slots, Table Games, and Other Game. Some specific games out of these categories include Fire Dragon, Crazy Vegas 2 Lucha Libre 2 Pig Winner T-rex2 Cleopatra’s Gold God Of Wealth Storm Lords 5 Wishes Cash Bandits Santastic Gemtopia Snowmania Shark School Elf Wars among many awesome other titles! Make sure to check the game list for yourself so you can have tons more fun playing and winning too.

Loyalty Rewards VIP

African Grand Casino has an exclusive VIP status available for loyal gamblers, this one is acquired after spending a determined period of time playing and wagering on the casino. This status gives all of those who have it, the opportunity to withdraw higher amounts of money in one single request. The casino also offers business affiliates with free advertising through their affiliate program; if you’re a webmaster or own your own website then what better way to promote them than by becoming their affiliate?

Customer Service

“Contacting customer service is never as easy for some people, but it’s even easier when they‘re here to help you 24/7. You can use live chat and email addresses with full-time availability for any issue or question that might arise.”

Our toll free South African phone number is available at all times on any day.

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African Grand Casino offers a fantastic selection of games and bonuses to keep players busy. This casino is accessible on mobile devices, has great customer service, with many deposit options (including credit cards) so there’s no problem getting your hands on some African riches!

With decades in the business already under their belt as one of Africa’s most successful casinos, it should come as no surprise that when this online site was opened up for international play they made sure you would have plenty of ways to get rich quick by offering an incredible list rewards programs with tons bonus opportunities at all times. With over 400 different types slot machines available from around the world including traditional 3 reel slots like Buffalo Slots or Vegas Slot Machines; video poker variations such as De

Withdrawal Options

African Grand Casino offers a fantastic selection of games and bonuses to keep players busy. If you’re looking for some African riches, this casino is your place! This site was opened up for international play with the intent that anyone can get their hands on some quick cash by playing any one of the great rewards programs available here.