How to maintain contact with the managers of online casinos

Despite the striking interfaces and the applications developed under the highest technological supervision, it is a reality that the interaction between client and business does not work in the same way in a online casino. However, this does not mean that communication is non-existent.

The gaming rooms, as part of their requirement to operate, have had to adapt to these new relationships. Currently, any questions can be resolved in the FAQ sections. In the case of more serious problems, casinos provide a source of direct contact that guides and helps their players.

The methods of contact are those that can be imagined in an era where technology is close to the surface. Even so, before using any of these, it is important to know for what purposes it is convenient to pick up a telephone, write an email or write, even if it seems obsolete fax.


There is no way that this source of contact can be separated from online platforms. It is a fact, of course, that every communication process involving the web will be linked to a personal or business email account.

In the case of casinos, this alternative is imposed on any other. Clients can use this medium to draft doubts, suggestions and propose a change that they do not feel comfortable with. It is quite massive and has the ability to be instantaneous.

However, the most widely used means of communication between a company and its public also results in some discomfort. The first, of course, is that not all the time will be answered immediately.

Generally, the casinos have a staff of 4 or 5 people in charge of customer service. If the website receives, for example, 20 concerns per day, it is not humanly possible to answer them simultaneously. In addition, the type of doubt and the possible solutions that can be implemented should be considered.

Cell phones

More immediate than emails but less present in the pages of online games. The reason for this, clearly, is associated with problems to answer several numbers at once.

From a frank perspective, it is likely that a high number of calls will not be received every day, but there will also be those where customers will want, at all costs, to call and ask their questions.

Previously, the phones were ringing and answered at some point, when the line was clear and an operator could fully serve the customer. Currently, media such as WhatsApp and Telegram, allow this to be massive.
In that sense, even groups have been created through these applications for the community to answer their questions among themselves with advice from a member of the team that belongs to the casino. However, since it is a public platform, telephone numbers are not protected; and some people will want, with all the right, to protect that very personal information.


With the arrival of email, it is almost inconceivable that some people still consider using this method, but there are exceptions and, despite all odds, this happens more frequently than expected.

Obviously, for a site to work with all of the law, it is necessary to have a physical address. It does not matter if it is the garage in a suburb of Los Angeles, the important thing is that it is specifically noted on the website that the owners of that business can be located.

Thanks to this, the gamblers can also write, by hand, those doubts, recommendations, and complaints that arise on the website. As a business responsibility, team members must respond and send it in the same way.

The greatest disadvantage of physical correspondence is that it lacks immediacy. If it is a pressing problem, it does not make sense to use this medium, while there are others whose results are faster and more interactive.

However, casinos – and any other business – are obliged to accept these messages, even if it is to recommend to their clients that they write by e-mail or send a fax.

Live Chat

It is normal to observe in the game rooms a window of conversation that seems to occur between nothing and customers. In general, this is a live chat and, although it does not rank as the most popular option, it is one of the most effective when it comes to asking any questions that require an immediate response.

There is nothing that seems to go wrong with live chats, but the problem lies in the presence of other users in the same conversation. Some websites, for reasons of practicality, manage these groups collectively and answer questions after question.

For some, it will turn out, but for the great majority, it will not. In fact, it is likely that his complaint is lost among so many fish in the sea.


A method that, without a doubt, also surprises is the fax, but like correspondence, for legal reasons, the websites are obliged to provide them.

Rarely, a gambling company will receive a fax that expresses complaints or concerns, generally dealing with business issues such as contracts, legal documents, among others. Even so, this medium should not be discarded for the general public.

In summary, each means of consultation with the team has its characteristics. It is the client’s decision, in this sense, to select the option that best suits their needs.